Set smack bang in the middle of London’s corporate mecca Canary Wharf, The Gun is the kind of place that makes you want to talk business. It’s a serious restaurant with serious drinks and serious food, which – whilst a little bit intimidating at first – leaves you wishing you were taken so seriously in the rest of your life.

Friday at 1pm is prime business lunch time and the restaurant was comfortably full. The clientele (and the decor) is very gentleman’s club, and with rabbit, pigeon, oysters and bone marrow all as lunchtime starter options, you’d better not be a shy guy. At around £8 for a starter and £13 for a main the prices look good at first glance, but remember, long lunches = starter + main + sides + dessert + cheese, and they also have an impressive wine list….

love you: If you’re into wines and well-made cocktails, it’s time to sit back and enjoy. The Gun is a great place to spend the whole afternoon – you can even migrate to waterfront deck if it’s sunny. The selection of wines from all around the world are well-chosen and the waiters are clearly used to talking about them. In general, the service here is one of the high points, they have somehow managed to perfect the almost invisible delivery and disposal of plates, heaven forbid they interrupt your work chat.

leave you: One of the main reasons The Gun isn’t more well known is the location. Tucked away in the docks, it’s about a 15 minute walk to Canary Wharf transport links, which doesn’t appeal to time-poor bankers.  (To compensate, The Gun offers free taxis to and from Canary Wharf). The meals are hearty and interesting, especially for meat lovers.

In summary, the food is good but not so good that it would become a conversation topic – which I guess is the point. If you’re a patron of The Gun, the most important thing is you.

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