It’s easy to forget you’re in Europe when a real deli is as hard to find in London as a good espresso  -  and when it comes to experiencing authentic Spanish Tapas, it’s easier to just, like, book with Easyjet and like, go there??! Though the word ‘Tapas’ is everywhere in this city, in fact only a handful of humble establishments serve to prove that simple, small and traditional appetisers  can be better than any full meal.

London Bridge TapasScarcity being the case, it’s never easy to get a table at Tapas Brindisa, I think because once people do taste these Tapas they just sit there and never leave. Everything about this busy restaurant on the corner of Borough Market says simplicity, with a tried and tested list of dishes including all the Spanish classics and some decadent delights you can’t get enough of.

Love you: Oh, Pan De Coca (aka Tomato Bread You’ll Want For Every Meal)! A sharp fresh tomato taste on thin Turkish style toast..making you ask why we ever made food so complicated. Follow with a smear of Deep Fried Monte Enebro (Goats cheese with Honey) on country bread and forget where you are altogether.

Leave you: Brindisa is right above London Bridge station – it’s always crowded unless you go at a weird time, and tables are small. Be warned: As this is real Tapas, dishes arrive fast and you’re not encouraged to hang around.. even though you really really want to…

There are also Brindisas in South Ken and Soho, so whilst your brain says this place is part of a London chain, your tummy says this is the only one in the world. Like Barrafina and Iberica (my other favourites in London) This is a Spanish Tapas that even Spanish who love Tapas will love. Viva Europa.
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