Vietnamese food is my favourite Asian cuisine but only seems to be a common choice in ‘Little Vietnam’ otherwise known as east London; so when a friend introduced me to this unassuming Vietnamese restaurant in Victoria, I was beyond excited.

love you:  We ordered fresh rice rolls otherwise known as crystal rolls, fried spring rolls, lemongrass salt and pepper squid, spicy fried rice and coconut lamb curry.  I can certainly say that all dishes were delicious.   The lamb was very tender and really tasty, not at all spicy for a curry but I wasn’t bothered by that with all the other flavours complementing the lamb.  My favourite was the lemongrass salt and pepper squid – crispy, nice and salty to my tasting and the hint of lemongrass was lovely.  I would have personally preferred this one to be spicier but I still came out satisfied overall and with the total bill coming to £30 for two people (no alcohol), we found this really good value for money.

leave you:   Tables are quite tightly packed together which leaves little room for movement but it wouldn’t stop me from going back and with most Chinese/Vietnamese restaurants –  don’t expect to be greeted with a smile, it very much is a ‘do you have a reservation?’, if not, we’ll find you a seat (or not) type set up… so be it.

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