London. The city of surprises. You’d only live through weather like this for the perks, and tucked in behind Goodge Street tube station is a treat waiting for all good Londoners. Chef Oliver Dabbous is being called a food messiah – and his specific brand of innovation  proves just how creative you can get in a city where you spend a lot of time inside.

I won’t pretend I stumbled across this place, this table was booked in November last year (!!) and I’ve been wanting to go for twice that long. But as is widely reported, nobody jumps the line. Celebrity..Food critic..Millionaire; you still have to earn your turn. Somehow all the more satisfying. So, I won’t spoil the surprise with a download of the menu, your time is better spent on the phone making a booking. I’ll just cover a few mouth-watering highlights to entertain in the meantime.

Love you: On a friend’s recommendation, we had the 5 course tasting menu. It turned out to be great value, particularly as a couple of us substituted courses, in order to taste as much Dabbous as humanly possible. Each dish was a smooth prelude to the next. The ones I will never forget are all green: The Halibut with its large Oyster Leaf (Seriously. A leaf that tastes like an oyster. Messed with my head); Peas with Mint literally burst; and Lovage Granita. 

Lovage Granita

Leave you: It’s difficult to find a negative about Dabbous, I certainly left on a high. The industrial, steel-beam-meets-wood-grain interior (which seems to be everywhere at the moment) isn’t exactly comfortable, but it does add to the presentation of the dishes. And the flavours are so distracting who cares what you’re sitting on.

Overall, Dabbous is a delight. I’ll make a big call here: The experimental style of the dishes at Dabbous reminded me of The Fat Duck, and dare I say it…even a little more delicious. So go ahead and book in! This is a reward that every foodie/Londoner/explorer deserves.

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