So everyone knows Asian = Good Fortune. But just in case we needed reminding, we literally stumbled onto a London treasure directly across from the Asian supermarket in Queensway recently.

Note: We’re only telling you about this place because we promised to share at the beginning of all this.

The shop front is unassuming, even misleading. After your first bite into a falafel pitta at Taza Sandwich you know only two things: It’s simply the best falafel you’ve ever tasted and; you’re not going to tell a soul about it.  It’s the kind of place that makes you proud to live in London – and want to move to Queensway.

Love you: These guys toast the bread first, and fill it with a very simple tomato and lettuce salad, chilli sauce, pickles and these falafels which are really some kind of magic! They’re soft, aromatic and herby all at the same time and covered in garlic sauce. There’s even a counter bar opposite the counter where you can add salad veges, chillis, peppers and sauce to your heart’s content. And, like you needed another reason: It’s £3.00. That’s it.

Leave you: Never

So now you know! It’s called Taza Sandwich, closest tube is Bayswater. It gets a line up at lunchtimes but nowhere near the anticipation or hype this kind of food deserves! Tell all those you care about to GET DOWN TO QUEENSWAY. You can tweet us later.

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