Nestled between various restaurants on Westbourne Grove, C&R is a good hit for those who crave Malaysian food.  Being a fellow Malaysian myself, I am very critical of what I benchmark as the perfect injection of home-cooked Malaysian food and I think C&R comes close to just that.

love you:  The laksa is good!  It’s the quintessential Malaysian dish, the spiciness is just right and the broth is tasty.  I would recommend you ask for mixed noodles – egg and rice noodle (as they serve it in Malaysia).   The service is good and speedy.  You should never expect 5 star service in Chinese restaurants as we always say – you come for the food and nothing else.  No fancy tablecloths and no designer furniture – works for me!

leave you:  Since my focus was the laksa, I can only comment on this alone.  The dish could have been more plentiful with the addition of Chinese basil and coriander and typically I’ve always known laksa to be served with bean sprouts.  So although this dish was tasty, it was missing the final touches of making it a really good dish.

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