Known for being really good and REALLY busy, we’re delighted that Caravan from Exmouth Market opened up a second (and bigger) venue. It’s even more convenient –  just behind Kings Cross station, out the International St Pancras station side just off Goods Way.

One of Caravan’s original NZ chefs came from Providores, the first in a long line of Antipodean cafes including Kopapa, Lantana and the Workshop Cafe (formerly St Ali’s). Ok ok, we’re biased, but with ingredients like aubergine and corn bread spicing up brunches all over London, you have to admit it’s all leaving the old fry up looking a little, well, flat.

love you: Caravan at Kings Cross is a place you could hang around all day, once you’re done with your late brunch, they have  a nice bar in the middle with some very creative cocktails. On recommendation, we tried the Parmesan grits with girolle mushrooms and the Poached eggs with aubergine puree and yoghurt. The poached eggs were good, as we expected, but Grits are GREAT. Grits are made from ground corn, and taste a lot like polenta, only smoother. The coffee was brilliant, another highlight.

leave you: It’s totally worth it, but be warned: Like it’s predecessor at Exmouth Market, you’ll wait an hour or more for a table at Caravan on the weekend. Luckily, everyone who works there is very nice, the bar is comfy and roomy, and you can order coffee, drinks and snacks to tide you over.

Caravan Kings Cross takes the flexibility of all-day dining to another level, with a delicious anytime menu, and a blur between breakfast and cocktail hour we wholeheartedly appreciate. Definitely worth a visit, and, once you’re there, by all means, take your time..

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