There is no doubt that Bea has already built a reputation for herself with her great cakes and teatime favourites.  So with Maltby Street being the new foodie haven without the crowds of Borough markets, it was inevitable that we had to go to Bea’s Diner to check out the hype.  The lovely idea about this pop up is that this hidden treasure almost feels accidental with no signage on the outside.  The long garage type tunnel opens itself up to a canteen style look and feel with simple furnishings littered with British flags which really adds a nice touch.

love you:  We loved the simplicity of this place with non-offensive breakfast dishes such as buttermilk pancakes (plain and simple or with wild blueberries/roasted strawberries), french toast with caramel banana and walnuts/strawberries). Tea and coffee is very much like a diner – don’t expect or even think about a latte macchiato!  We love the idea of a bottomless tea – adds a nice surprise and delight to the whole concept and let’s face it, how much tea can one person drink in one sitting?  So back to the food – we opted for the buttermilk pancakes with blueberries as the roasted strawberries were sold out; mental note for next time!  The pancakes can only be described as little fluffy clouds of goodness, they were delicious!!

leave you:  The service was not as you would expect from a typical cafe- it really was a find a spare seat and seat yourself kind of place (which is fine), however, once served, the food did take some time to come out.  As we only ordered one dish to share, you would have expected the food to come out alot quicker than it did.  We also ordered a side of bacon to come with the pancakes but this never came out.  We were told that it was being freshly fried, however, the timing didn’t seem to sync which is what you would expect from any cafe or restaurant.  We have noticed that this is synonymous with pop ups- service was never meant to be their forte and maybe never will be.  Luckily the food makes up for it…


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